New ASP Wants To Make Minis

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A new production company formed to produce Americana-themed miniseries will launch with the production of The Line, a four-hour, two-part drama featuring Robert Duvall as both star and director.

The series, from privately funded America Saga Productions (ASP), focuses on a conflict at the Mexican-American border. Producers include Duvall and his partner Rob Carliner, as well as Peter Crane, Hallie Foote and Alan Geoffrion.

ASP was formed by Michael Leighton, Jerry Zandstra, Nick Grillo and Jerry Offsay. It wants to produce up to five miniseries annually, and will shop The Line to various networks.

Leighton recognizes that the miniseries is no longer a primetime staple of television, but says ASP has a business model of sharing advertising revenue that will "eliminate the financial risk for cable or broadcast networks." ASP also wants distribution and ancillary rights.