Never enough fiber

Telecast Fiber offers products for multichannel transmission

Telecast Fiber will introduce two products that are designed for broadcasters looking for fiber-based, multichannel transmission cables.

The Python Plus4 SDI/HDTV multiplexer is a format-independent digital distribution unit that can send four channels of serial digital video on a single optical fiber at rates as high as 1.5 Gb/s. Uses include studio-to-transmitter links and connections for production and post-production facilities.

CWDM Optical Multiplexing for Viper II also allows multisignal transmission. CWDM, which stands for coarse wavelength division multiplexing, allows the Viper II to transmit up to eight SD or HD serial digital interface (SDI) signals on a single optical-fiber strand.

Also new from Telecast is a camera-mounted ENG/DSNG link. The Digital Copperhead can deliver 601 serial digital or uncompressed HDTV signals as well as analog video with any audio, intercom data or control signals via one cable.

And for broadcasters looking for two-way point-of-view links, the TR5220 member of the Viper II product group can transport video from a remote point-of-view camera, return video/genlock back to the camera, send tally/closure signals and two full-duplex control data signals on a single optical-fiber conductor.