Networks Look for Fresh Ideas With New Batch of Pilots

After last year's waste, nets aren't afraid to be different this year
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To make up for
last year's washout of new series, networks are ready to show that this year
will be different, reports The New York

The networks are
basically admitting that last year was a snoozefest, and are not afraid to put
up big money (see: Terra Nova) or go with new ideas. Period pieces,
special effects dinosaurs and fairytale characters are all part of the new crop
of series.

Helping usher in
this new wave of ideas is the fact that three networks are touting new chief
execs this year. New NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt and new ABC topper
Paul Lee both agree that in order for the networks to keep eyeballs on their
station, they can't keep pumping out police procedurals and sitcoms.

Some of the new
pilots this year are Fox's X Factor, Terra Nova, and Alcatraz. NBC is using the
success of The Voice to help launch two new musical shows, The
and Smash. ABC is getting into the fairytale world with Grimm
and is bringing Tim Allen back with Last Man Standing. Even CBS is
breaking from its traditional programming strategy with the serialized Person
of Interest
. Though the network's biggest change will be in a show in its
ninth season, as Ashton Kutcher will step in to replace the fired Charlie Sheen
on Two and a Half Men.

While new directions
will be common theme at this year's upfronts, the networks will also be
focusing on stability.