Nets play down latest bin Laden tape


Osama bin Laden's TV time has once again been reduced to video snippets and
anchor commentary.

After Arab TV network Al Jazeera released the latest 33-minute bin Laden tape
Thursday, cable news networks responded as they have to past Al Jazeera

Cable News Network, Fox News Channel and MSNBC chose not to run the tape in
its entirety, and most coverage included short segments or still shots,
accompanied by translation or expert commentary.

Networks said this tape just wasn't as newsworthy as the Pentagon-released
tape aired in full earlier this month.

The news channels said they followed the same procedure as with other tapes
obtained by Al Jazeera, reviewing the message in full and employing their own

'It's not as if they are interviews. It's a video news release,' FNC
assignment editor David Rhodes said.

Correspondents did give attention to bin Laden's frail appearance. CNN's
terrorism expert noted that bin Laden, who is left-handed, appeared to only
gesture with his right hand, suggesting that he might be