NetCompetition: FCC Contemplating 'Overreaching Regulatory Hubris."

Says proposed regulations would be bad for goals of national broadband plan
Original: says that the FCC's proposed open internet regulations and the possibility that it could reclassify the Internet as it does the more heavily regulated phone service would be the worst thing possible for the FCC's national broadband plan.

That came in comments to the FCC by Chairman Scott Cleland. The deadline for reply comments in the FCC's proposed expansion and codification of its open Internet guidelines are due April 8.

Cleland said that net neutrality regs would be "over-reaching regulatory hubris" tantamount to a "de-competition" policy, while classifying broadband the same as dial-up phone service would "debilitate the dynamism of the Internet."

NetCompetition members include the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the American Cable Association, Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, AT&T.


NCTA To FCC: First, do No Harm

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association says the FCC should adopt a sort of Hippocratic oath for broadband--above all, do no harm--and that applying common carrier regs to Internet access would definitely violate it.