'Net Doesn't Take Big Bite From Nets


A majority of advertisers polled said online video did not reduce their budgets on traditional TV network ad spending during the upfront.

According to the survey, just released by the American Advertising Federation, 62% of advertisers said online video advertising, both both made-for-Web and repurposed TV shows, did not have an effect on their network spending, with only 15% saying they had moved some of their money from broadcast to online video, while 23% said they had expanded their budgets.

The vast majority (93%) said that online video and other so-called "rich" media" provide more creative opportunities for online advertising.

The advertisers predicted that spending on the Internet as a total percentage of ad budgets would increase from 15% in 2005 to 20% in 2006 and to almost a third of ad budgets (32%) in 2010.

AAF surveyed 140 ad industry "leaders" from agencies (23%), media (28%), clients (7%) and "other--primarily consultants and researchers--(22%).