Off-net deals stay in the family


Synergy is once again in the air at USA Network and TNN. Off-network episodes of Wolf Films/Studios USA's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit are headed to co-owned USA network. Likewise, CBS freshman drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigators is going to TNN, also owned by Viacom. The CSI deal, worth more than $1.5 million per episode, calls for the series to air on TNN once a week (although not in prime time) starting in 2002. In 2004, TNN will begin airing the series on a Monday-Friday basis in prime time. The Law & Order: SVU deal is said to be worth $1.4 million per episode and allows USA to air the series as a strip starting in September 2003. USA Network already airs original episodes of the series each Sunday night, nine days after they debut on NBC. The SVU deal was brokered by Studios USA Domestic TV; CSI was sold by King World.