Nelson To FCC's Martin: Diversity Now


FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has developed quite a few congressional pen pals seeking delays in FCC actions, prompted by his plans to take up the ownership rule review and digital multicast must-carry at the June 21 meeting.

The latest is Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), who wrote Martin this week to ask him not to take up the general ownership rule rewrite until the FCC first takes a look at minority, women and small-business-ownership issues.

Nelson's letter was itself prompted by one sent to Martin, copied to the senator, from Julie Johnson, chairperson of the FCC's Advisory Committee on Diversity in the Digital Age.

She provided a copy of a number of recommendations already submitted by the committee on topics including diversity credits, ownership incentives, and transparency in transactions.

"Before initiating a rulemaking on general media ownership, it is important that the FCC fully consider how to meet its statutory obligations to eliminate barriers for minorities, women, and small businesses in media ownership," Nelson said.