Needed: VP of sensitivity


Just like his network's new series Cover Me, USA Cable President Stephen Chao was left looking for a place to hide last week after offending fellow employees with a racial slur.

Chao, who was recently promoted to his new position overseeing USA Network and The Sci-Fi Channel, borrowed a line from Eddie Murphy's 1982 movie 48HRS, and it caught a number of USA executives off guard at a New York meeting.

"I'm your worst nightmare, a nigger with a badge," Chao said jokingly about his new promotion.

Chao wasn't discussing the incident last week, but a USA spokeswoman said Chao feels awful about the misunderstanding and meant it as nothing more than a joke.

"He cited a line from a movie and from a humorous character. He meant absolutely no disrespect. He apologized and needs to be more sensitive to these things in the future and will be, especially being a minority himself."

Also in a joking manner, Chao reportedly said during the meeting that USA doesn't need more "white Jewish men."