Nearly Instant Idol Worship


It used to take months—literally, months!—before a consumer could purchase a ringtone featuring an American Idol contestant’s song. No more. This is the 21st century, and starting now, you’ll be able to download selected songs by Idol contestants, available on mornings just hours after Idol has aired on Fox the night before.

The so-called Live Idol Ringtone ringtones are being produced by InfoSpace, a ringtone marketer with 2 million ringtones in their catalogue. The Idol tones are offered only to Cingular wireless customers.

InfoSpace and Cingular will be providing ringtones for the rest of the current Idol season, for $2.49 per song. You’ll also be able to buy "old" ones, from, performances of, say, two weeks ago. Customers can also sign up for weekly alerts telling them when a new Live Idol Ringtone has become available.