NCTA Seeks Some Anti-À La Carte 'Inspiration'


Working with the National Cable Television Association, religious cable channel The Inspiration Networks was on Capitol Hill this week making the case against mandatory à la carte.

Some religious groups have pushed for the government to require per-channel cable pricing regime as a way to regulate cable indecency--and some say lower cable bills--by giving viewers more control over channel lineups. But religious cable nets fear they will lose carriage in an unbundled world.

Meeting with the staffs of Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), a leader in the Hill's anti-indecency movement, as well as Senator Trent Lott (R-La.) and others, John Roos, senior VP, Inspiration Networks,  made the point that though the group is as concerned with decency as anyone, the marketplace is the best way to regulate it, he told the legislators.

The answer to what is decent and how to control it is a personal one, says Roos, pointing to the range of blocking technologies available. The network is no fan of the family tier either. "Who decides what a familyis?" asks Roos, ticking off singles and adults without children.

Inspiration owns four separate networks, available in over 80 million homes worldwide.