NCTA Pushes For 48-Hour Port In Triple-Play Storm

Reports say FCC may finally make a move in this issue

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association has written the FCC to remind it that cable operators strongly support shortening the interval for porting wireline telephone numbers from over four days to 48 hours.

That came in the wake of reports the FCC might finally move on its tentative conclusion to that effect from back in 2007. Cable operators see their future in a bundle of services that includes phone service and Internet, so speeding up the process of moving numbers from incumbent carriers to that cable bundle is an important issue.

"No further proceedings are needed for it to reach the obvious conclusion that making consumers wait for days to switch providers is not in the public interest and shortening the porting interval will be tremendously beneficial to consumers," said NCTA.

It pointed out that wireless carriers voluntarily port numbers in 2 and 1/2 hours.