NCTA Launches Online Image Campaign

Hole Saga pitches value of broadband by offering disturbing outcomes for nonsubs

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association has launched an online campaign, The Hole Saga, promoting the value of its video and broadband offerings by suggesting life is literally incomplete without it.

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The campaign consists of a Web site with video--also posted on YouTube--featuring four interactive scenarios focusing on the possible negative consequences of not being connected to cable, using the image of someone with a hole in their middle--like a human doughnut.

The four scenarios feature a bicyclist, ditsy young vacationer, skin diver, and mountain man-type camper. The campaign definitely has an online edge. For example, "Sheet Hole" is the title for the scenario where the vacationer is in a fleabag hotel because she did not have access to the cable broadband service that would have revealed a "no star" rating.

For each of the four, there is an alternative scenario for a different outcome if each had had cable service.

An NCTA spokesperson called it a "limited-run digital campaign." GMMB produced the creative.

To check out the campaign and either free or doom the participants to various undesired fates with the click of a mouse. Go here.