NCC revives one-stop shopping in NYC


National Cable Communications will become the national spot-sales rep firm
for Rainbow Advertising Sales Corp.'s New York Interconnect, News 12 Networks
and MetroChannels, effective in January.

The transition from RASCO's New York Cablevision Sales to NCC -- which is
owned by Cablevision Systems Corp. and, since mid-2000, Comcast Corp. -- will
take about 30 days.

NCC also represents Time Warner CityCable in New York, which means that the
rep firm will bring the Big Apple interconnect closer to one-stop shopping than
it has been since the system quit the interconnect several years ago in a
dispute with RASCO.

Since TWCC's exit, agency buyers have had to use two-stop shopping -- via the
interconnect and the operator -- to cable households in the New York DMA.

NCC has sales offices in 14 key markets, and, according to a spokesman, it is
continuing to expand its ad-sales force. It is aiming to have 33 account
executives reporting to eight team sales managers by the end of January.

Spokesman Dean Diltz noted that one-third of those staffers have already been
hired. It was unclear at press time how many of NYCS' 20 or sosales
staffers might relocate to NCC as that in-house RASCO unit is dissolved.

NCC also announced that its CableLink Interconnects division is joining
forces with Visible World Inc. and SeaChange International Inc. to test
addressable advertising at its interconnected markets.

The test started this week in Albany, N.Y., and it will expand to the six
other CableLink markets. By the week of Jan. 27, clients will be able to target
4 million cable homes, the companies said.

The 'IntelliSpot' system, developed by Visible World and SeaChange, will
enable the spot-cable ad-sales rep firm to simultaneously transmit commercials
to various geographic zones across television markets, they