NBCU Brings Full-Length Content to MobiTV


Mobile television service MobiTV has greatly expanded its content deal with NBCU to include full-length primetime programming on-demand.

Subscribers to the service can, starting next quarter, purchase episodes of NBCU content starting at $1.99 for a 24-hour viewing period. Shows included in the service run the gamut of NBCU content from NBC’s The Office, Friday Night Lights and Heroes to Sci Fi’s Battlestar Galactica, USA’s Monk and Bravo’s upcoming second season of Work Out, as well as full episodes of Telemundo telenovelas such as Pasion de Gavilanes.

NBC will also produce five ad-supported channels for the wireless service with short fare from Bravo, Sci Fi, USA, Telemundo and mun2.

MobiTV will continue to carry content from CNBC and MSNBC, which it has done since the service launched in 2003. The company also has deals for content with Fuse, Fox Sports, Discovery, C-SPAN, Oh! and TLC, among many others .