NBC’s quarterlife Heads to iTunes

Episodes to Be Available for Download on Same Day as NBC Debut

quarterlife, the hour-long drama series that began its life on MySpace and will make the jump to NBC Tuesday, will make episodes available for download on Apple iTunes the same day they debut on NBC.

Consistent with iTunes pricing policy, individual episodes of the series will be available for $1.99, with the full season of six episodes available for $9.99

“It's exciting to bring quarterlife to iTunes,” said Marshall Herskovitz, co-creator of the series, in a statement. “We're overwhelmed with the enthusiasm the show has received to date and we're thrilled to give fans another opportunity to watch the show with iTunes, and it's exciting that viewers can take their favorite episodes with them wherever they go on their iPod or iPhone.”

NBC declined to renew its contract with iTunes last year, resulting in the network’s shows being pulled from the online store. Shows produced by outside production companies, such as Chuck, and shows such as quarterlife, which are produced independently, can be made available via side deals with Apple. As part of the deal to bring the show to NBC, the creators of quarterlife retained online-distribution rights to the series.