NBC Unveils SNF Microsite


Translation: NBC has begun its promotional blitz for its return to NFL football with the creation of a Web site, www.snfonnbc.com, to plug the Sunday Night Football package it got when ESPN took over the Monday Night Football franchise from sibling ABC.

The SNF launch will be supported with TV, print, 'net, and radio spots over the next six weeks leading up to the Sept. 7 regular-season kickoff.

The promos will include ones capitalizing on the unmistakable cadence of a John Madden color commentary, like the following, supplied by NBC:

"MADDEN ON CAMERA: "If I were smooth and perfect it would be too smooth and too perfect.  But because he's smooth and perfect, and I'm not smooth and perfect, then it kinda works.  And it gives me a good feeling, you know, a confident thing that I don't always have to make sense, I cannot make a whole heck of a lot of sense, but I know that when I'm through with what I'm doing or saying, he'll make sense out of it and everyone will nod knowingly."

AL MICHAELS (who will call the game with Madden): Baffled glance at Madden

OFF CAMERA: laughter.