NBC Universal Sells Mullally Talker


The sales represent the first for any new syndicated show for 2006. Domestic TV Distribution President Barry Wallach said he expects to announce additional deals already signed for the one-hour show in coming weeks.

“It’s what people want to know in October,” he says. “They want to know about the three big markets and is the show going to get those clearances because there is not a lot of real estate out there and without those three markets, a lot of shows have trouble getting on the air.”

However, clearances may not all be on NBC O&Os, as the talk/variety show, which will feature celebrity guests, is being sold market-by-market to stations.

“We will go market-by-market for the best time period, best station, best deal,” Wallach adds. “There will be a fair amount of NBC O&O’s when it’s all said and done, I’m sure.”

NBC U wants to run the show early in the day in most markets.

“Megan is ideally for mid-morning or early afternoon, I don’t see it as a 4 p.m. show,” Wallach says. “Not that it won’t wind up there in certain markets. But a new show, ideally you don’t want to start off against Oprah.”

For instance in New York, WNBC let go of Judge Judy for next year at 4 p.m., but Wallach says he doesn’t think Megan will necessarily slot into that time period.

Wallach also says he hopes to have an executive producer named late this year.