NBC U Streams More Content


NBC Universal will make more of its content available online, including movies and some TV "events," on a new on-demand online service, Aeon Digital.

TV fare comprises NBC U's syndicated dating shows Fifth Wheel (canceled in 2004) and Blind Date, and an "uncensored" Jerry Springer offering.

Movies include Ray, The 40-Year Old Virgin, The Motorcycle Diaries, The Skeleton Key, The Wedding Date, and The Constant Gardener.

The programming will be available for a 24-hour period after ordering. Aeon's, service, which is targeted for a spring launch, uses a digital set-top box with a DVR to access, play and store the Internet-delivered content.

NBC U in December said it wouldl make content available on Apple's video iPod—as well as computers—via Apple's online iTunes service as part of a deal for 300 episodes of 16 old and new series.