NBC U Pushes On-Demand Flicks/Games


NBC Universal Cable has paired with G4techTV to promote the Comcast On Demand pay-per-view and on-demand release of this summer’s action/adventure offerings The Chronicles of Riddick and Van Helsing
The movie version Van Helsing is currently available on Comcast On Demand and The Chronicles of Riddick: The Escape From Butcher Bay will be available Dec. 31.
G4techTV, the 24-hour game, gear and gadget network, will carry the video game versions of the films as part of its G4 On Demand content and will run exclusive footage from the films in its G4 On Demand Movie Games section to drive viewers to purchase the movies from Comcast.
Additionally, G4techTV will send customized e-mail blasts promoting the movies as part of the network’s This Week on G4 On Demand campaign. NBC Universal will run cross-channel on-air ads promoting the video games on G4techTV.

G4techTv formed in May, 2004 when G4 and TechTV merged. NBC Universal Cable drives development, growth, marketing and local ad sales for NBC Universal.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay video game is currently available on Xbox. The movie, about a prison break, starred Vin Diesel. Van Helsing is currently available on PlayStation 2.