NBC U, Cox Push Digital Cable


NBC Universal and Cox have teamed on a marketing campaign to try to move analog cable customers to digital.

The two have launched Digital World, a marketing program to educate consumers on the benefits of digital. The campaign is debuting in San Diego and rolling out to other Cox systems by the end of the year. They are looking to get other MSO's to sign on, and perhaps even take the pitch into the classroom.

Rather than promote it through offers of bells and whistles, the campaign has a public service "feel," say the partners, painting the picture of a "better digital lifestyle."

The advantages of that lifestyle include HDTV, on demand capability and DVR's. In addition to English and Spanish-language Web sites, www.digitalworldnow.com and www.mimundodigital.com, the campaign will include print, on-air and online with the messages "Digital Home, Digital Work and Digital Fun."

The Cable industry is trying hard to get customers to move to digital to free up bandwidth for other, advanced services. In Cox's case that has included moving some channels from analog to digital in hopes customers will follow, including even channel guides, without which analog customers are left to navigate the 100-plus channel universe without an onscreen map.