NBC U Commits To Eco-Friendly TV Production


The famously multicolored Peacock has settled on green.

NBC Universal says it is committed to ecologically friendly TV production, which includes cutting carbon emissions, educating employees and promoting the effort on-air and online.

That move follows its Universal Pictures division's commitment last month to go green in association with environmental nonprofit, The Conservation Fund.

NBC U says that is will adopt a companywide program to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and change the media and entertainment industry culture when it comes to "green issues."

Initiatives will include working toward lowering GHG emissions by 3% by 1012. encouraging communities to "go green," and educating staffers about the issue.

NBC U has also created an NBC Green Council to spearhead the initiatives, headed by Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick.

How does a TV production go green. NBC U says it will use hybrid production vehicles whenever it can, use nontoxic and low-emission paints and sealants, and purchase "carbon emission offsets." In the case of the production of Universal Pictures "green" production of Evan Almighty, that was giving money to the Conservation Fund to plant 2,000 trees to "zero out" the carbon emissions from the production.

On the programming front, NBC U's efforts include: 1) Anne Thompson has been named chief environmental affairs correspondent for all newscasts; 2) all DVD's distributed by the home entertainment division will plug going green; 3) a Live Earth concert will be roadblocked across NBC U networks on July 7 (7/07/07); Bravo's broadband nets were to be roadblocked with "It's Not Easy Being Green" content Thursday (May 24); NBC stations airing "going green" segments.