NBC surrounds Sydney with Dolby


Dolby Laboratories is supplying NBC with Dolby Surround sound equipment and technology support for its coverage of the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, this fall.

NBC, which currently broadcasts top-rated shows like Frasier and Law & Order in Dolby Surround, will broadcast major Olympic events such as the opening and closing ceremonies, gymnastics, swimming and track and field in Dolby Surround, allowing viewers with Dolby Pro Logic systems to enjoy theater-like audio. NBC will also use Dolby Surround for promos produced on-site in Sydney.

Equipment includes 13 SEU4 Dolby Surround encoders for translating four-channel material into the two-channel Dolby Surround format; 10 SDU4 Dolby Surround decoders for translating two-channel material back into four-channel mode; and five Dolby 430 noise-suppression systems.