NBC Pulls Plug on 'My Own Worst Enemy,' 'Lipstick Jungle'

Christian Slater drama was one of NBC's major fall launches

NBC is pulling the plug on My Own Worst Enemy and Lipstick Jungle.

While there is no official word from NBC, sources say My Own Worst Enemy will complete its ninth episode and no further episodes will be produced.

The Christian Slater drama had failed to catch on in its Monday timeslot at 10pm despite a Heroes lead-in that itself has suffered as of late.

The show, one of NBC’s major fall hopes, was prominently promoted during NBC’s Olympics coverage but the network did not debut it until October 13.
Lipstick Jungle will finish its 13th episode and no additional orders have been made.

The Sex and the City-esque series' future looked gloomy after it was relegated from Wednesdays to Fridays recently as NBC went to a crime-drama focused Wednesday night lineup.

Both shows are from NBC Universal’s Universal Media Studios.