NBC: No Final Decision on Madonna Content


NBC says it has made no final decision on what will or won't be in its broadcast of a Madonna concert during the November sweeps.

The Parents Television Council and the American Family Association are making noise about NBC's planned broadcast of a London stop on her "Confessions" tour. PTC wants NBC to explain its "decision to air bigoted, anti-Christian Madonna concert "(though it has not asked individual members to write NBC, as initially reported here).

Their beef is with Madonna's appearance during the concert hanging on a cross wearing a crown of thorns, saying that NBC is "demeaning and degrading Christianity."

"NBC is awaiting delivery of the special and, once we see it in its entirety, we will make a final decision," said NBC in a statement.

PTC also claimed the network had altered its Saturday morning series, Veggie Tales, of  "God and the Bible," suggesting some pattern of dissing Christianity.

NBC counters that it edited the shows for time. They are 30-minute home videos that must fit in 22 minutes or so of airtime. It did clip off the beginning and ending tags, which are Bible verses, but  they were also arguably the easiest cut to make. The network says the message of the shows remains intact

"Veggie Tales was originally created for home video and, in most cases, each episode is over 30 minutes long," the network said in a statement. "As it appears on Qubo [NBC's Saturday morning Block, which is a co-venture with four other kids TV producers including Veggie Tales], Veggie Tales has been edited down for broadcast without losing any of its core messages about positive values."