NBC News: There We Are


NBC News plans to launch an advertising campaign this fall bearing the slogan: "NBC News: Wherever you go, there we are."

The slogan, which comes out of NBC’s internal advertising division, The NBC Agency, is slated to debut as current NBC News darling Katie Couric begins anchoring the CBS Evening News. It also comes as NBC, like all TV networks, strives to highlight the availability of its content on emerging digital platforms.

"That means on-air, on cable, online, on your telephone," says NBC Agency Senior VP, Advertising and Promotion, Frank Radice (see Fifth Estater, page 32), who coined the new slogan. The campaign is slated to debut nearly a year after NBC News created a digital task force under Senior VP Cheryl Gould and VP of Digital Technology Mark Lukasiewicz.NBC Universal Television Group CEO Jeff Zucker has said NBC’s upfront promotional lingo will be "Television 360," promising advertisers that every program in development will have a digital component.

Currently, the network at the end of its news programs calls itself: "NBC News, America's News Leader." CNN uses "The most trusted name in news" and ABC uses "More Americans get their news from ABC News than from any other source."

The news division last made headlines with an ad campaign in late 2004 when it promoted Brian Williams’ arrival to the Nightly News by taking out full-page newspaper ads calling him a "seasoned reporter with a passion for the story."