NBC nabs adults, CBS total audience

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NBC drew the most adults 18 through 49 and 25 through 54 last week, while CBS
had the largest total audience.

Among adults 18 through 49, NBC averaged 6.4 million viewers in that demo
throughout the week, according to Nielsen Media Research. CBS was second with 5.2 million, Fox
third with 4.1 million, followed by ABC (3.8 million), United Paramount Network (2 million) and The WB Television Network (1.7 million_.

Among adults 25 through 54, the standings were: NBC (7 million), CBS (5.9
million), ABC (4.1 million), Fox (3.7 million), UPN (1.9 million) and The WB (1.5

CBS averaged the largest total audience with 12.7 million viewers, and NBC
was second with 12.6 million. ABC was third, with 8.2 million, and Fox fourth,
at 6.9 million. UPN had 3.9 million and The WB 3.1 million.

Season to date, NBC is ahead in all three categories.