NBC gets shot of Adrenaline


In what could become another reality-show franchise, NBC this summer will air
two extreme-sports-themed reality specials, Adrenaline X.

The specials will be hosted by skysurfer and aerial pilot Troy Hartman and
former Miss USA Kimberly Pressler. Hartman and Pressler have worked together
before on cable series Senseless Acts of Video.

In the shows, competitors will face off in such events as snowboarding,
motocross, dog-sled racing and the exhausting coed sauna standoff, which should
lead nicely into the show's coverage of the athletes' late-night socializing in
Jackson, Wyo., where the show will be set.

Adrenaline X was created by Teton Gravity Research and Reveille Studios,
a joint venture between Ben Silverman and Universal Television Group.

Silverman and Scott Messick will executive-produce, with Mark Koops and
Howard Owens co-executive-producing.