NBC, Fox Cited For 'Foe Paws'


NBC, Fox, and F/X were the ignominious broadcast and cable representatives on the Hollywood office of the Humane Society's annual top 10 "dishonor" role for negative media messages about animals.

The "Foe Paw" report cited Fox's The Swan for giving the beauty pageant winner a full-length mink coat.

F/X's The Shield got hammered for a scene in which a detective strangles a cat to get into the mind of a serial killer. While the group concedes the show was trying to examine "the disturbing link between violence to animals and violence to humans," it also asked: "Is it really necessary to show it in such shocking detail, or is it just a quest for ratings?"

Saying it can,"always be relied upon to come up with an offensive contest involving live or dead animals," NBC's Fear Factor was singled out for close-ups of competitors eating maggot-infested road kill, combined with "tasteless cutaways of stuffed animals keeling over as they appear to be hit by oncoming cars."