NBC Downloads Olympic Rings for Cellphones


A mobile-content deal announced Wednesday will put NBC Sports-branded video games on cellphones within the next year.

The first games will be based on the 2006 Winter Olympic Games and should arrive before the games begin, said Marcus Ticotin, principal of AEGF, a partnership between Abandon Entertainment and GF Capital Management & Advisors, and NBC Sports.

NBC will broadcast the 2006 Winter Games, which begin Feb. 10, 2006, in Torino, Italy.

 “Armed with powerful, household brands such as NBC Sports,” said Ticotin, “we're confident that we can capture the imagination of a new breed of gamer."

AEGF is planning an interactive component for the games that will be tied in to NBC Sports broadcasts.

For example, game play might be affected by live event results, Ticotin said. Also, players may be able to interact with the athletes via SMS text messaging and other technologies, he said, and players may be able to render their own verdicts alongside the live event judges.

Most games will be downloadable, though a couple will be native on cellphones. AEGF will develop other NBC Sports-branded cellphone games, including golf, horse racing, and poker.

In a statement, NBC Sports President Ken Schanzer said the partnership could help reach the 18-34 demo. He called wireless video games “a natural extension of the NBC Sports brand.”

AEGF is the co-publisher of the multiplayer online game Dark Age of Camelot.