NBC, Court TV ignite Fire


NBC Enterprises and Courtroom Television Network are planning to co-produce a
series for first-run syndication.

It's a one-hour strip, entitled Trial by Fire, and it will be hosted
by former prosecutor and Court TV anchor Nancy Grace.

Slated for launch in 2003, the partners said the series is designed to bring
the real-life drama of the courtroom to the talk format.

Trial by Fire, the first joint production between
Court TV and NBC, will be distributed by NBC Enterprises Domestic Syndication.

Using exclusive footage from Court TV's library of cases, the show will be
taped in front of a studio audience and provide an in-depth look at the court
trial process.

Grace will interview key players in the cases including victims, families,
witnesses, prosecutors, defense attorneys and other experts as she analyzes the
issues and arguments in each proceeding.

Grace will continue to anchor her daily Court TV show, Trial Heat.