NBC Apologizes For Emmy Opening


NBC has apologized for the opening skit of last night's Emmy telecast that jarred many viewers.

In a statement, NBC says it regrets any "unintentional pain" the parody may have caused viewers.

The opening featured an intense few moments of a plane crash--Host Conan O'Brien dropped into the middle of several shows, starting with Lost--with NBC affiliate WLEX Lexington, Ky., for one, going straight to the opening from its special recap news coverage of a horrific plane crash there that killed 49 people.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the many families who lost loved ones in the plane crash in Kentucky on Sunday," NBC said, "and to the entire community that has suffered this terrible loss. In no way would we ever want to make light of this terrible tragedy. The filmed opening during the Emmy telecast meant to spoof some of television's most well-known scenes. The timing was unfortunate, and we regret any unintentional pain it may have caused."

Tim Gilbert, president and GM of WLEX, said he was personally horrified to view the opening, and said NBC was somewhere between "ignorant and incompetent" to have aired it, but suggested it was most likely ignorance. "Somebody just did not connect the dots," he said, "but it is our job to connect the dots," and I think the network would agree with that."

Gilbert said he had talked personally with network officials, who had apologized.