NBC Aids Razor Plug Stunt


O'er the land of the free, and the home of the shave.

NBC was planning to show a flash-card stunt, orchestrated by razor company Gillette, that is taking place during and after the national anthem at the Daytona 500 race Feb. 19. NBC is taking a break from Olympics to cover the race, which it has promoted heavily in those games.

Gillette is trying to break the Guinness record of 102,000 flash cards--somebody from the book will be there to verify--set at a 2002 race. It is also trying to hype product.

According to Gillette Director of Communications Michael Norton, NBC agreed as part of the company's media buy, to show the stunt, which is promoting its Fusion shavers that feature new technology on the front and back of the razor.

During the anthem, says Gillette, the 118,000 cards distributed to fans on the front and back stretches (Get it? front and back) of the track will feature a "patriotic design." When the anthem is over, the fans will then

flip the cards to reveal a logo for Gillette's Fusion shaver (in the blade wars, it is the latest escalation incarnation with five blades and two--count 'em--lubricating strips).

Any hesitation about agreeing to a shaving promotion during the national anthem.