NBC to add HDTV in prime time


NBC will do more of its prime time lineup in high-definition television next
season, according to network officials.

The network has been criticized as an HDTV laggard relative to CBS and ABC
for offering only one prime time show, Crossing Jordan, in HDTV ( it also does The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in late-night).

NBC officials said no final decisions have been made on which shows will be
offered in HDTV, but the orders will be made soon after Monday's upfront.

Privately, NBC officials were a little touchy on the criticism they've
received over their HDTV offerings. Sure CBS and ABC offer most of their prime
time in high-definition, they said, but NBC has been a leader in sports, which, along
with movies, is expected to be a better driver of HDTV viewership than regular

In partnership with Mark Cuban's HDNet, NBC has carried the Olympic Games, several
National Basketball Association games and now the Triple Crown in HDTV. More high-definition sports
programming is on the way, as well, network officials said.