NBA playoffs score lower ratings points


The NBA playoffs on NBC are slumping, with overnight ratings from the Memorial Day weekend showing a significant slip.

NBC's quartet of games over the weekend averaged a 6.3 with a 13 share in Nielsen overnights, down 16% from the 7.5/16 it scored on four games over Memorial Day weekend a year ago. The fourth and final game of the Los Angeles Lakers' sweep of the San Antonio Spurs for the Western Conference crown on Sunday hit a 6.3/14, a 19% drop from the fourth game of last year's Lakers-Portland Trail Blazers series. Monday's fifth game between the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers scored a 6.6/13, an 11% dip from the 7.4/15 the New York Knicks-Indianapolis Pacers hit last year.

Prior to the weekend's action, NBC had posted a 4.5 average rating through 23 NBA playoff games - a 6% decrease from last year's 4.8 to that point.
- Richard Tedesco