NBA boosts NBC


With an assist from its coverage of the National Basketball Association
Finals, NBC won the week (ended June 9) in prime time for households, total
viewers and adults 18 through 49.

The Nielsen Media Research household ratings and shares for the week: NBC
6.2/11, CBS 5.7/10, ABC 4/7, Fox 3.1/6, and United Paramount Network and The WB Television Network tied at 1.8/3.

The total-viewer numbers: NBC 9.2 million, CBS 8.1 million, ABC 6 million,Fox 4.7 million, UPN 2.8 million and The WB 2.7 million.

For adults 18 through 49: NBC 3.8/12, ABC 2.4/7, CBS 2.2/7, Fox 2.1/7,
and UPN and WB each with 1.1/4.