NATPE reveals final numbers


NATPE unveiled final attendance numbers for last month's conference, which topped all previous records.

A total of 20,348 people came to NATPE 2001, in contrast to 2000's final tally of 17, 520 people. To breakdown that figure, 4,585 represented international NATPE-goers (up from 4380 in 2000); 2,799 came from the new media arena (up from 2510) and 1,112 were from advertising and media buying industries (up from 756). Also, 1,447 were from TV stations (up from 1388); 322 were from station groups (up from 272); and 1,586 were from broadcast and cable networks (up from 1,194).

"We had both quantity and quality at NATPE 2001," said NATPE president and CEO Bruce Johansen. "Not only did we break previous overall attendance records, but NATPE is still attracting all the right people.reaching record numbers of attendees in the advertising and broadcast/cable worlds and increased attendance among TV station executives. And the support we get from new media increases each year." On the exhibition front, NATPE attracted 870, up from last year's record of 780. There were 312 new exhibitors this year, including Texas Instruments, Sony Electronics and iBlast Networks.
- Susanne Ault