NATPE Cuts Through the Confusion


Who can keep up? I hear that all the time. So much to read, sift through, distill and analyze. So many decisions to make and bets to take on so little empirical data.

That's the TV business today.

It wasn't too long ago that the Big Three ruled the roost. In the mid 1980s, Fox changed that. Then came UPN and The WB, the explosion of cable networks and satellites, too.

Now the Internet, cellphones, landlines, DVDs, iPods and more are forever changing the TV landscape. The marriage of content and technology is a marriage made in TV heaven, but without the content, we've got empty boxes.

In the NATPE world of global digital distribution, the consumers will lead the way, finding and paying for content when, where and how they want it. In the new-media world, content creators will have direct access to viewers as video search opens up enormous opportunities for established companies to monetize their libraries and for new players to establish portals for accessing new video content.

The next few years will be very exciting. There will be an explosion of new opportunities for creative artists and executives, as the demand to fill the digital platforms will be strong.

The major issues will be how to shape content to match the platforms. How to structure deals. How to maintain copyright protection in a global, virtual and digital marketplace, and how advertisers will marry with the new technologies.

All the answers to these questions will be addressed by the creation of unique content and services that will force all parties involved to find their way through the maze in an effort to maximize value.

As an organization, NATPE will continue our 43-year tradition of reflecting the past, present and future TV marketplace of content and ideas.

NATPE remains the foremost TV exhibition and marketplace in the U.S. We will host over 8,000 people from over 70 countries including 400 exhibiting companies. On the conference side, NATPE offers the broadest, most diverse—and intellectually challenging—sessions and panels focusing on TV in the world.

As a nonprofit global TV organization, it is our goal to nurture opportunities across established and emerging media for the buying, selling and sharing of content and ideas. Anyone who takes the time to attend NATPE '06 will find that the convention was true to that goal and that the time and money were well spent.