NATAS Hands Out Humanitarian, Public-Service, Community-Service Emmys

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Recognizes Initiatives that ‘Advance the Public Good’

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Friday gave out its Emmy Awards for humanitarian, public-service and community-service campaigns.

The awards are for programming from the media and nonprofits that "advances the public good," as judged by a panel of civic and community-service leaders.

And the winners, unveiled at a luncheon in New York, were:

MTV, for its broadband campaign, "Think: MTV's think HIV”; BET and The Kaiser Family Foundation for “Rap it Up”; The Sierra Club for its “Big Fun with Global Warming” broadband campaign; the Employee Benefit Research Institute for "Choose to Save"; and double winner Kaiser for "Marvelyn Brown: That Night/Finding Out/Denial.”

In addition, Peter Gabriel's human-rights organization, WITNESS, received the first-ever humanitarian award.