NATAS awards tech Emmys


The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has awarded its '2001
Scientific Technological Emmy Awards,' which recognize technologies that have
had a profound effect on American culture and the TV business.

This year, statues went to technologies old (camcorders) and new
(digital-video recorders).

The broadcast-station community was also represented by ABC-owned KGO-TV San
Francisco, which received an award for its longtime work in developing
asset-management systems.

\u0007 Eastman Kodak Co., Hitachi Ltd., JVC Co. of America, Matsushita Consumer
Electronics and Sony Corp. all received statues for 'Development of Consumer

\u0007 ReplayTV Inc. and TiVo Inc. each received awards for 'Pioneering the
development of the personalized in-home digital-video recorder (PVR) and
accompanying personal television service.'

\u0007 The British Broadcasting Corp., Sage Inc. (a division of Faroudja
Laboratories Inc.), Leitch Technology Corp. and YEM Inc. were recognized for
'Pioneering development of a digital HDTV [high-definition television]

\u0007 Transmission-equipment manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz was saluted for
'Implementation of a multistandard precision digital test transmitter for use in
receiver chip-set development and set-top-box evaluation and

\u0007 Kodak and Sony were back in the winners' circle, joined by Laser Pacific,
for 'Development of 24P video' systems.

\u0007 Sony got a third Emmy, joining Zenith Electronics Corp. for 'Development of
flat-screen CRT [cathode ray tube] technology for consumer TV.'

\u0007 Leitch (a second nod), Philips Digital Networks, Pinnacle Systems Inc. and
SeaChange International Inc. received awards for their respective technologies
related to 'Pioneering developments in shared video-data-storage-systems
technology for use in television video servers.'

\u0007 For 'pioneering effort in digital asset management for television news
production,' the winners were KGO-TV, Cable News Network, ITN and