NATAS Announces Global Media Award Nods


The National Association of Television Arts & Sciences, working with the Consumer Electronics Association, will announce its first Global Media Award nominees at a CES event in Las Vegas. The awards cover 13 different categories. Winners will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show Jan. 8.

The complete list of nominees, exclusive to B&C, is below:

Outstanding Short Format Entertainment

30 Second Bunnies Theatre: Kill Bill Parts 1&2

Starz / Angry Alien

Disney Interactive Media Group

Deadliest Catch: The Real Dutch

Discovery Digital Media

The No Asshole Rule

CBS Interactive/


CBS Interactive/

Life in Transition

The New York Times

Green Porno

Sundance Channel

Outstanding Short Format Informational

Yes We Can Song cyclops / FORM

mtvU's Editorial Board


mtvU's Cause Effect


Buzz Report: The Humiliation of Vista

Innard Workings: Offal Obsessive

Present like Steve Jobs

CBS Interactive/

Outstanding Advertising

Nike Zoom

Ensequence, Nike, Wieden + Kennedy, DISH Network

HBO Voyeur 

HBO, BBDO, Big Spaceship

Hannah Montana MyConcert Memory Book

Disney Interactive Media Group

Degrassi: What If...?

The N Digital

Semi-Pro Social Marketing Applications

mixercast, New Line Entertainment

Global Interactive Olympics Brand Push

Neo @ Ogilvy

Outstanding Website/Internet Entertainment

Bravo Media

mountain Dew Dewmocracy

Whittman Hart

Lost Find 815

ABC Redesign

The N Digital

Disney Interactive Media Group

HBO Voyeur Website

HBO, BBDO, Big Spaceship

Outstanding Website/Internet/Informational

IGN Entertainment

Sundance Channel - Eco-mmunity Map

Sundance Channel

The Green

Sundance Channel

Grand Theft Auto IV Video Review

You Tube Non-Profit Channel

mtvU's Pos or Not


Outstanding Repurposed Linear / Traditional Content



The Masters Experience on Directv

Directv, CBS, ESPN

Food's The Next Food Network Star

Scripps Networks

Camp Rock

Disney Interactive Media Group

HSN Vision in Windows Media Center


Strange Science

Discovery Digital Media

Outstanding Long Form – Entertainment


Warner Bros Technical Operations

Wonderful World of Disney

Disney Interactive Media Group

Jazz it Up! 

Brownstone Digital, Inc.

mtvU's 2007 Woodie Awards


Outstanding Long Form - Informational

Revision3's Tekzilla with Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont


Choking on Growth

The New York Times

The Green Enterprise: Sun Microsystems

CBS Interactive/

The Line-Up, Episode 3

CNET Live: June 12, 2008


Outstanding Platform – Hardware

Bravia Internet Video Link

Sony Electronics, Inc.

High Definition Wireless Video: Ultra Wideband Radio and H.264 Compression

TZero Technologies, Inc. and W&W Communications, Inc.

Super Low Latency H.264 WiFi HDMI Extender

W&W Communications, Inc.

Outstanding Platform – Interactive Race Buddy

TurnerSports/'s Screening Parties

The N Digital

Bravo Media: Top Chef

Bravo Network

Bravo Media

Bravo Network

DIY Network/DIY's Blog Cabin

Scripps Networks

Spike Video Game Awards

Ensequence, SpikeTV

Outstanding Platform – Software

BBC TV-iPlayer

BBC Future Media & Technology

The Tapeless Newsroom

Warner Bros Technical Operations

Technicolor Prisma

Hilltop Post



mtvU's Best Film on Campus


Outstanding Platform – Advertising

Bom Chicka Wah Wah

Brightline iTV

The Rookie

Brightline iTV

Chad Johnson

Brightline iTV

Outstanding User Experience / Program Guide

HBO Voyeur on HBO on Demand

HBO, BBDO, Big Spaceship

How to Enjoy Private Time with your iPhone


DirectTV on Demand