Nat Geo Deconstructs Pentagon Attack


National Geographic Channel will take a CGI-frame-by-CGI-frame look at the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon in Pentagon 9-11, which airs Sept. 14 at 10 p.m.. It will be the third installment of the channel's 13-part Seconds from Disaster series, which launched Aug. 31 with a look at the Oklahoma City bombing.

With most of the 9/11 coverage focused on the World Trade Center, the channel wanted to focus on the attack closer to home--the channel is based in Washington.

With the only video of the Pentagon impact a few frames from a single video camera, Pentagon 9-11 combined investigation with computer graphic techniques to recreate the sequence of events "before, during and after the impact."

Among the questions the investigation and recreation try to answer: "Why did the plane that hit the Pentagon not cause more damage or claim more lives? Why did people on certain floors survive while others did not? And what can we learn from these details that may help protect people from future tragedy? "