NASA compliments CBS' good behavior


In what must be one of the few Federal Communications Commission filings on
record in which one party praises another, the Network Affiliated Stations
Alliance singled out CBS for being responsive to its affiliates' concerns in a
brief filed two weeks ago.

CBS' 'willingness to do so rebuts the contention of the other networks that
they must insist on provisions that are inconsistent with the commission's rules
in order to be successful. At the same time, the need for a ruling -- 12 months
after the petition was filed -- remains more important than ever,' wrote NASA's
lawyers, Wade Hargrove and Jonathan Blake.

The FCC is still considering the petition NASA filed one year ago that
accuses the broadcast networks of violating the commission's network-affiliate

Meanwhile, NASA said, CBS has made some needed changes in its affiliate
agreements, such as expanding affiliates' rights to reject certain programming,
delays and pre-emptions; and being less stringent about terminating network
affiliations when an affiliate changes hands.

NASA still has some minor outstanding issues with CBS, it said, but overall,
it is pleased with its progress.

Meanwhile, the group continues to push the FCC to resolve the outstanding