NABET-CWA, ABC Resume Contract Talks


Broadcast unions NABET-CWA and ABC resumed contract talks in Chicago on Monday after an eight-week hiatus.

According to a union bulletin to members, the union sees an uphill climb given the "large number of Company proposals on the table" --many of which it still has issues with.

After some initial spadework of proposals and counters, the two sides adjourned.The talks were scheduled to resume on Tuesday, May 22, 2007.  

The negotiating committees came armed with the authority to call a strike if the impasse continues .

The union walked out of negotiations in March.
One main sticking point is ABC's desire to modify the "last in, first out" seniority system  to reflect the fact that last in may have the necessary computer skills. The union fears it is a move to replace more veteran, higher paid workers.

The four-year contract, which expired March 31, covers engineers desk assistants in New York, news writers and producers in San Francisco, and news writers in Chicago and L.A.