NAB XenData Expands Support for Sony Optical Disc

Three new models in SX-10 line of archive offerings will have features to managed Optic Disc Archive drives and libraries.
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During the 2015 NAB Show in Las Vegas between April 13 and 16, archive tech provider XenData will be showing three new models of its SX-10 Archive Appliance lineup that can be used to manage Sony’s Optical Disc Archive external drives and libraries.

The new models are designed to be used with a vast range of widely used media asset management systems to archive content on Sony’s Optical Disc Archive cartridges.

The new models are: the SX-10-222, which manages one to two external Sony Optical Disc Archive drives; the SX-10-234, which connects to Sony’s ODS-L30M robotic library and is capable of supporting up to 30-cartridge slots; and the SX-10-238, which can support up to 131 cartridge slots for a near-line capacity of 196.5 TB.

In addition to the near-line capacity, the SX-10 appliance can manage an unlimited number of offline optical cartridges.