NAB Wants XM Reports Banned


Despite a warning from at least one Federal Communications Commission member that it faces an uphill battle, the National Association of BroadcastersWednesday asked the agency to outlaw XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.'s new local traffic and weather service.

The broadcast group says the new service violates the spirit, if not the letter, of the government's intent that satellite radio be a national service.

XM this year has been rolling out local reports covering 21 markets. All of the reports, however, are available to every XM subscriber regardless of location.
In March, FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin told an NAB audience there's little reason to stop XM's offering. "Just because there might be more interest in a channel in a particular city does not mean it can't be considered national programming," Martin said. Broadcasters worry that satellite radio could put some radio stations out of business if it takes away local listeners.