NAB Show Debuts New Content Storage Conference

April 15 Event Will Address Digital Content Management

A one-day event focused on the issues surrounding digital storage will be part of the the annual National Association of Broadcaster's event this month.

Held Tuesday, April 15, during the NAB Show [] in Las Vegas, the Creative Storage Conference [] will feature Chris Hinton, Senior Director of Technology at CNN as a keynote speaker. Although the program encompasses the digital video storage issues associated with entertainment programming, finding more efficient means of managing digital storage is also very much an issue for newsrooms, said Ron Dennison, a storage consultant who works with Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates.

“It's a very large issue because the format video is normally stored in for broadcast or cable is not highly compressed, and most of them vast libraries,” Dennison said. Digitizing that content makes it possible to access it much more quickly than if the producer had to send someone down the hall to find and pull a tape, he said.

Hinton's keynote will look at exactly that issue from the perspective of CNN, which has a video library that contains more than 400,000 tapes from more than 27 years of programming. Specifically, Hinton will talk about the process he has developed to speed up what can be a very time-consuming process of “ingesting” tape into the digital system.

The program will also include sessions with consultants and vendors discussing digital storage issues related to editing and post production, delivery and archiving, and physical distribution.