NAB repeats XM repeater mantra


Broadcasters are again urging the Federal Communications Commission to do more to prevent XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. from offering local content
that would more directly compete with radio stations through a system to local
repeaters that XM said are necessary to fill gaps in the satellite signal.

In an April 14 letter to the FCC, the National Association of Broadcasters
urged the commission to condition all repeater licenses with a prohibition on any
programming not also being transmitted by the satellite.

The NAB also urged the FCC to require XM to disclose all plans to provide locally
differentiated services, as well as to disclose technology in repeaters that could
conceivably carry locally originated programs.

The trade group has repeatedly argued that XM wants repeaters in order to supplement
national music and news programming with inserted local traffic and weather

XM, on the other hand, said repeaters are necessary to prevent tunnels and
other obstructions from interrupting reception.