NAB Products


Design system processes 8 streams

Media 100's 844/X system for content design was one of the products offering the most bang for the buck at the show. Starting at $65,000 and available this spring, it's designed for artists and designers who work in many layers, according to President and CEO John Molinari. It's based on the company's own GenesisEngine, which offers throughput of more than 420 MB/s, allowing the system to process eight streams, four video with four motion alpha keys, simultaneously in real time. It also uses 10-bit quantization for resolution, making possible uncompressed, progressive video processing. It also supports QuickTime for media sharing with other applications.

Tek's Hand wave

Tektronix has introduced a handheld waveform monitor capable of monitoring both digital and analog signals. The Tektronix WFM90D/91D is a battery-powered, composite analog and SD-SDI component digital waveform monitor equipped with a variety of display modes, including picture mode and vectorscope. The WFM90D handles NTSC, and the WFM91D handles PAL. Both are priced at $3,995 and will be available in June.

Miranda master

Miranda Technologies introduced the Master Control Glass Cockpit. The integrated master-control system can be used by a single operator for control of multi-channel broadcasts. It uses Miranda's Kaleido-K2 Virtual Monitor Wall, Kaleido-QC, iControl Signal Integrity and System Monitoring products in conjunction with the Oxtel Series Presmaster master-control technologies to handle the functions. One or more operators can handle up to 200 automated channels with the Presmaster's color touch-screen display. It can also be configured to support multigroup audio mixing, including 5.1 surround sound and multilingual broadcasting. Pricing is to be determined.

AP partners with WorldNow

WorldNow, which helps broadcast stations with online development, and the Associated Press have developed ENPS+WorldNow. The system is designed to consolidate content production for both online and on-air. For example, text can be exported out of the ENPS system directly into WorldNow's Producer Internet publishing system.

SRS circles surround

Surround sound is hitting the two-channel broadcast market. SRS Technologies now offers a Circle Surround encoder (the CSE-07) and Circle Surround reference decoder (the CSD-07). The encoder handles up to 6.1 channels of discrete program material for transmission via any consumer stereo medium, including two-channel broadcast and Internet streams. It is backwards-compatible with all playback formats, but the company says optimal performance occurs with the decoder.

JVC taps photon vision for sensors

JVC has selected Photon Vision Systems to provide PVS's QuadHDTV sensors for use in JVC's Ultra High Definition (UDTV) color camera. Each sensor has 8.3 million pixels, for a total of 25 million pixels. The camera will operate at 30 frames per second and is selectable between progressive or interlace formats. Resolution, according to JVC, is 3840x2160 pixels.

New capabilities for Quantel Paintbox

Quantel's Paintbox has some new features this year. The company says the system now allows material of any resolution to be freely mixed and then output to air in any format thanks to its "Resolution Co-existent" technology. Another new feature, the Digital Rostrum Camera, offers template tools to speed up graphic design. A new compositing feature allows all layers to be live. Other new additions include keyframeable color correction, DVE and blur with multiple levels of undo and a large range of effects plug-ins.