NAB Opposes Sideline Camera Ban


National Association of Broadcasters President David Rehr has called on the NFL to reverse its decision to ban local TV station cameras from the sidelines of NFL games, calling it "wrongheaded," and showing an "appalling lack of appreciation," for broadcasters.

"On behalf of our more than 1,100 member local television stations, the National Association of Broadcasters strongly urges the NFL to reconsider its wrongheaded decision banning local television station sideline cameras at professional football games," Rehr said Monday. "Local TV coverage of the NFL has been a key ingredient in the success of professional football.

"By taking this action, the NFL demonstrates an appalling lack of appreciation for the role broadcasters play in serving local communities. NAB will aggressively pursue reversal of this disappointing NFL decision."

Last week, the Radio-Television News Directors also came out in opposition to the decision.

The league’s 32 team owners voted to ban station photojournalists, who have been allowed to shoot during the games.

The NFL told the National Press Photographers Association the move is to protect exclusive NFL video from unauthorized use on the Internet. The league, however, is notoriously tight-fisted about controlling its image and limiting the sources of video, which also allows it to control post-game interviews and any antics during games. --Allison Romano contributed to this report.